Brand Promise



Kirin appreciates and cares for the splendid gifts given by nature, and we spare no effort in building on these benefits with what we know to be good for the body and mind. Drawing on the power of nature, Kirin helps you build a fit, energetic body and mind.



Kirin believes that happiness comes from different angles, different points of view, different values, and always with a sense of expectation. We deliver a happiness that is not merely of the moment, but is driven by the anticipation of future potential.



Comfort as we see it comes from the sense of closeness, ease, warmth and pleasure you experience when the Kirin brand is part of your daily life. It includes not only the serenity that comes from solitude, but also the warmth and closeness you feel when spending time in the company of people with whom you feel truly connected.

Confidence and Quality


With our long history of tradition and experience, we continually perfect and refine our products to deliver the quality that our customers have come to expect from us. Our customers are not looking for products with mere surface appeal, but rather, for the ultimate craftsmanship backed by the highest ideals, attention to detail, and technical prowess.

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